Free VIN Number Decoder

The VIN Decoding System

The US government implemented the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) system in the year 1981 with the intention of tracking and identifying individual automobiles. It was compulsory for every vehicle which was manufactured in the US for sale to have a 17-digit number which would make it possible for the police as well as other officials to differentiate between the similar cars for bureaucratic as well as law enforcement purposes. For instance, the VIN is included by the police in their reports whenever a vehicle is stolen which will make it feasible to distinguish the car from any other vehicle with the identical model, make, and color.

Moreover, the used car purchasers will be endowed with some sort of protection so that they are able to decode information regarding the car by simply taking a look at the combination of the letters and numbers. For instance, it will be possible to comprehend whether any particular vehicle was actually manufactured in 1987 or it was just passed off as a later version although it was made in 1986.

The Vehicle Identification Number decoding system which was implemented in 1981 applies to the following vehicles:

  • Cars
  • Buses
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • SUVs
  • Vans

It must be noted here that this system will not be applied to bicycles or any other similar types of vehicles.

Manual versus Automatic Decoding

In the earlier stages, an average individual could easily be able to decode the info which was revealed by any specific VIN number. However, things changed significantly since 1981. A lot of new models have been released on the market and many divisions, as well as brands, have been purchased and sold as well. As a matter of fact, VINs have increased significantly due to the number of new options.

Thus it is evident from the above fact that the average individual will find it somewhat difficult to decode VIN number after taking a look at it.

You might consume several hours for doing so. However, the good news is that you can always take our assistance to perform an electronic decoding of the VIN on your behalf. In fact, our system can easily decode VIN number for you once you enter it in our search field and you will be provided with a history report of the automobile. The whole process will consume only a few minutes and will make you free from all the worries of trying to decode yourself.

Info Unveiled By VIN Decoding

Once decoded, you will find plenty of information which is included in the VIN. This might include the following:

  • The location where the vehicle was mad
  • The automobile's make
  • The automobile's model
  • The engine type
  • The year of manufacturing
  • The type of transmission
  • The safety systems which are installed
  • The particular plant which manufactured the automobile

Besides this, the VIN is also going to include the vehicle's serial number which is used by the police for tracking down the automobiles which are stolen. also makes use of this for creating a personal history report of your car while you are thinking of purchasing a used vehicle.

Where Can You Find The VIN Number

The VIN number is actually located at several places on the car due to the fact that the government wanted to make it possible for the individuals to see and record the number without any problem. As a matter of fact, it can be noticed on the dashboard, on the engine block as well as on the side door of the driver. Besides this, different vehicles have this number stamped in different secret locations.

It is also possible to find the number on the majority of the paperwork relating to the automobile including the registration, title as well as insurance papers.

Why Do You Want To Decode VIN Number

People do not want to get cheated while purchasing any used vehicle and that is the main reason why they want to decode VIN number at present. Decoding this particular number will allow individuals to know the following:

  • The vehicle has been owned by how many individuals over time
  • Whether the automobile has faced any major mishap
  • Whether the vehicle has been reported stolen
  • Whether it has been a part of any taxi service
  • Overall service records
  • The approximate fuel consumption rate
  • What is the approximate worth of the automobile

All these will play a significant role in protecting the car purchasers from the used vehicle burglars.

Is It Possible To Fake The VIN Numbers?

Yes, one can fake the VIN numbers and because of this, you might want us to decode the number prior to purchasing any used vehicle. It is possible for the crooks to print out VIN plates which are rather realistic-looking due to the existence of 3D printers and they can be installed easily on a problem vehicle.

However, the good news is that it is possible to safeguard oneself from this particular practice. As a matter of fact, it is possible to figure out whether a VIN is actually faked with the help of a VIN number check. Once it is decoded, you will be able to observe inconsistencies in the history report of your automobile.

Can I Decode Any VIN Number?

Definitely! The main purpose of the VIN numbers was to assist the public as well as the officials and the info that is contained in the VIN happens to be a matter of public record. It is perfectly legitimate for you to decode VIN number of any automobile that you would like to purchase. This process is not at all difficult.

  • You simply need to enter the number into the search engine.
  • You need to wait while the number is decoded.
  • Use your mobile device or laptop to read the decoding report.

In case you would like to learn something more regarding the vehicle decoding procedure, make it a point to take a look at the links on our website. This will aid you to verify the brand of the vehicle relating to the VIN by performing a basic decode.